What signage can Specialized Signs deliver?

We offer a wide range of signage to choose from or we can direct you to the most suitable and impressive materials and design for your business. Since we manufacture 99% in-house in our custom-built and equipped workshop, we can guarantee quality and meet your deadlines.

How long does production take once I am happy with the design?

The timescale depends on the size of the project, so for smaller jobs, I.E vinyl and other small-scale signs, Specialized Signs can offer a 5-8 working day turnaround. Larger projects we estimate 15 working days, although this is determined by the size and complexity of the work involved.

Do Specialized Signs deal with planning permission?

This can be a time consuming process and as such we recommend you contact your relevant or local authority and seek guidance for this area. Specialised Signs can deal with the planning side of the project, however, we will be more than happy to provide you with the specification and visuals to issue to planning.

Do you cover all over the UK and Ireland?

Specialized Signs are a nationwide company and have worked with clients throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. We have experience of working with small local businesses and large-scale companies and completed rebrands in a short period of time.

How much will my sign(s) cost?

We can work within your budget and provide you with the very best solution for your signage needs. Specialized Signs have sourced quality materials along a spectrum of costs so we can start with this and then work on design, size and style to meet your price.

Do Specialized Signs arrange the power supply?

As per agreements, Specialized Signs will provide the required illumination specified, however, we will always require a 240v power supply to be provided by others. This must be provided prior to us arriving on site and at the agreed location.

Are proofs of my new signage provided before I decide to proceed?

Yes, all artwork must be checked, approved and signed off by the customer before it is manufactured and fitted. Any amendments after you have confirmed the design and specs, will incur additional costs. All artwork designs remain the property of Specialized Signs, unless specifically agreed otherwise.

What are the differences between vehicle graphics, vehicle livery and vehicle wrapping? (is there also a description for vehicle wrapping to go in here?)

‘Vehicle graphics’ and ‘vehicle livery’ are the names used to describe the application of vinyl graphics to any type of vehicle. This can range from cars, vans, lorries, motorcycles through to buses and boats which we have worked on for our clients. To find out more and see examples visit the vehicle graphics page.

What is a projecting sign?

These are usually fixed to an exterior bracket to enable the sign to project at an angle perpendicular to the building. Installed on the outside of buildings, they are far better seen particularly in high footfall retail areas. They are usually used to supplement a fascia sign on your building. Take a look at our exterior signs page for examples and more information. To see some examples please click here