Many businesses overlook short and long-term maintenance until urgent repairs are required. Leaving it too late can be very costly, when you have to account for those potential call-out and repair fees. You’ve also got to keep in mind the other losses to your business if your sign is not working. Potential customers will miss out on seeing you and existing customers can lose their trust in a business that looks closed or run down.

We recommend a yearly check on external signs to keep things in order. Maintenance will ensure your illuminated signs keep running properly and efficiently. We will also check the signs fixings and the fascia it has been fitted to.

Specialized Signs also carry out a full repair service for all styles of signs and are specialists of neon repair as well as LED’s and fluorescents. 90% of our new signs are illuminated by LED’s, rather than the older style of fluorescents. We find these have a much better lifespan with less need for repairs. LED’s are also very energy efficient & will cut down your energy bills something that keeps our customers even happier. To book your annual check-up please get in touch.